Volleyball trends

Since 1949, held a session of the World Men’s Volleyball Championships, the international volleyball has made significant development. In particular, the 1964 Olympic Games volleyball included in the official games, the national universal attention to it, its technical and tactical development has entered a new stage. 50’s, the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, volleyball results have been leading. 60 years, while Japan won the women’s volleyball world championship leap. 70’s, Japan, China, Korea and South Korea and other Asian team to quickly changing play known to the world; in Latin America, Cuba, known to bounce, and the rapid progress of the U.S. women’s volleyball, but also raises attention. The early 1980s, showing the world women’s volleyball, Japan, the Soviet Union, Cuba and China, the situation of confrontation between the U.S. top five. From the volleyball situation, tall, strong, continues to lead the Soviet team. Bulgaria, Romania, Cuba, China, Poland, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Italy and South Korea and other teams are vying to comprehensively improve the technology.Contemporary world volleyball techniques and tactics of the characteristics and development trends:
Technology overall, some specialization Although there was nothing currently serve more new technology, but the teams competing with long-distance remote floating ball, “lob” the ball and some new methods and strategies in an effort to sabotage each other’s pads for the ball thus undermining the composition of its fast attack tactics. In a pass, since the proportion of training time and increase, and the cushion the ball and improved technology has greatly reduced errors, increased significantly in place. In the future must adapt to serve a variety of forms in order to create conditions for the composition of fast break. In the spike, the first break at a certain step, the direction of approach certainly off limits, using a variety of variable step, change to the jump in order to adapt to spot situations; second is a special place to break the division of the restrictions, requirements fast ball and hit both buckle storm’s hands; third is to break the constraints of location spike, required to achieve positive running attack; four offensive to break the 3:00 limitation, the development of point of attack for the front and rear live the depth of the attack. In the block, the deal with storm, the use of the high jump run-up arm and shoulder after the full development, outrigger technology, but in dealing with fast-break jump technique used; against transposition attack, not only with man to man, people stare region the block, sometimes overlapping with the new block; against individual tactical spiking, the emphasis on improving single block of independent combat capability, and sometimes by hand in the air to block the shift change line spike, block by hand backward, trying to After blocking the ball from the Organization of rapid counterattack. In the back row defense, the emphasis is placed on a variety of defense technology and the continuous development of new technologies, such as the development of cross-rolling shoulder roll defense technology and a variety of block ball technology.
High-play, fast change, and promote each other row of the altar in the world of tactical style, over the years developed to quickly become a mainstay in Asia and more
Type and high storm as the main body to fight two major European-based styles. With the strengthening of international exchanges and technical and tactical development of the two styles constantly learn from each other, each is used to gradually narrow the differences between them, tend to blend with each other, combine both. Some teams also according to their specific conditions and carrying forward the original basis of expertise, learning a new play, created their own unique style. Asian-based team play in the succession of rapid development under the premise of change, efforts to improve the storm penetration capabilities. European-based team has been improving storm level, the positive lessons fast break play. Volleyball technology trend perspective, relying solely on height and strength, or simply rely on speed and skill, are hard to beat a strong opponent. China’s strong teams are from their own conditions, absorb the long, insist on the height and speed, storm combined with the fast changing and developing their own unique play.
Bounce height is growing, with the deduction rules bar more prominent contradictions and technology changes, a high degree of factors have become the World Top Teams must have an important condition. Height on performance in two aspects: First, expert body length. 1980 Olympic Games volleyball event, the current world powers, Women on average about 1.77 meters in height, generally with 4 ~ 5 1.80 m or more players; volleyball in 1.92 m average height above. 1.94 m above the tall players, each team has a 7 to 9, some of that shorter team is also looking for tall, strong players for training. Second, the hopping height. Special teams have attached great importance to Spring Training and Promotion. As the world’s best athletes, women’s volleyball Mogao generally from 3.05 meters, 3.30 meters high by up to about volleyball Mogao more generally in the 3.50 m high by up to 3.76 meters.
Offensive player of the height increase and ability to strengthen, intensify the confrontation line button bar. Volleyball winners and losers in the modern, depends largely on the basis of a comprehensive technology capabilities of online battle, spiking and blocking are the most important means of competition points. Without a strong offensive and defensive blocking and tight, defensive back alone is choked attack can not win the ball.
Offensive tactics, quickly and ever-changing present, the world volleyball offensive tactics developed rapidly, is towards a high degree of acceleration, storm speed and attack power plus tips, cutting-edge add depth direction, mainly as follows: ① actively running, cross-cover and sudden changes in the realization of war
Sitting Volleyball
Operation with a view to causing the defense to determine the error, resulting in more favorable situation to play less. In this regard, some Asian teams have achieved a more skilled. ② main attack to break the pattern of division of labor and machinery Fu Gong, and Fu Gong main attack each other for breaking the cover to enhance the overall offensive capabilities, rich content of tactics to adapt to complex situations. ③ lose no time in the offensive use of rapid change in the tactics deployed in the other uncertain, based on shaky political situation, the implementation of a surprise attack. ④ network of front organizations in high or distant network attack to avoid each other’s tight block. ⑤ combined offensive front cover, the depth of attack from the back to form a variety of supporting three-dimensional tactics, to break each other’s tight block. ⑥ emphasis on tactics in collective cooperation of the individual tactics, such as division by two lines (straight or oblique spike), after deduction flat areas, changing hands turn the wrist, thugs out of bounds and the high lob and other techniques to enhance the penetration capabilities.
Defensive tactics, flexible and diverse world powers while strengthening the attack, are very defensive-oriented training and improvement. With the development of offensive, defensive tactics in both attention to using more flexible and diverse forms, breaking the past purely for “edge up” defensive pattern. Its principles are: under the team’s Shiji situation and the opponent’s attack characteristics, reasonable to Zuzhi defense forces and the party organization from the need to counterattack Lai Bu Shu 防守. Japanese Women According to different rounds a “side up” or “mind up” defense. Men’s Volleyball Team to the Soviet Union combines the use of two forms of defense, that on the 6th place team judged decision to advance and retreat, 1-bit or 5 members to 6 members to under the advance and retreat up the camera position. Chinese team is based on the specific circumstances of the ball, using amplification “horseshoe” or narrow the “horseshoe” defense, and the camera does not bar the use of such evacuation or withdrawal within. Teams are evenly matched game, online contests and very intense, a game sometimes played 3 hours, sometimes right to fight for a second serve or fight for 1 minute, often have to battle over 10 rounds. Fierce battle, so that most of both the technical scores, but also lose points, in this sense have a dual nature of offense and defense.Therefore, in the game, on the collective coordinate with each team member complete control of offensive and defensive techniques and develop personal skills and cultivate the unique and tenacious style requirements are increasing.