Rugby This Popular Sport!

If you are a rugby fanatic, no one has to tell you it is a sport with a lot going for it. It has speed, strategy; and body contact. That is a recipe for exhilaration whether you are playing in the game or just watching it on your faithful flat screen. Soccer owes its influential beginnings to the game of rugby, and if you like your sports fast and unashamedly aggressive, these are qualities both soccer and rugby share to this day.

The origins of Rugby can be drawn to the Rugby School in England in 1823, where an innovative 16-year-old picked up the ball throughout a game of soccer (or soccer like discrepancy) and ran with it. The boy’s name was William Webb Ellis, and his unforeseen rule breaking but dynamic move began a trend. It is a great story, and whether or not it is completely correct to call William Webb Ellis the father of rugby (the tale has its cynics), the sport does date from around this period.

It did not take long for a little ball embracing to catch on big, and by 1840, running with the ball was a believed practice. Jump forward a few decades to 1870, and soccer-rugby clones were being played in clubs all over England and the colonies, sporting their personal rules with an enthusiastic neglect for dignity or equality. The Rugby Football Union was formed in 1871 to bring some steadiness to the game by founding a firm set of guidelines.

The objective in rugby is for a team to score as many points against the opposing team as possible during the 80 minutes of play. Since football is linked to rugby, if you understand how points are given in football, you will not have any worry understanding the scoring structure in a rugby match.

Rugby appeals to a wide diversity of people. A number of names you will know have played the sport at one time or another, including: George W. Bush, J.R.R. Tolkien, John F. Kennedy, Russell Crowe, Bill Clinton and Chris Farley. Unlike soccer, the play in rugby is unceasing. This means that the game keeps going even when a player holding the ball is tackled or the ball touches the ground.

Rugby is enjoyed all over South Africa and across the world as well and this sport undoubtedly makes men and women jump off their couches! If you are looking for all the latest updates on local sporting then please feel free to contact Tame Times for more information.