Learning Gun Safety and Target Accuracy with an Air Rifle

My husband is a hunter and enjoys trap shooting as well. He has always tried to get me interested in sport shooting, but his rifles and shotguns were just too big and heavy for me to handle. When he brought home a Gamo Silent Cat air rifle, I had no more excuses not to at least try shooting at some targets in our backyard.

Living in the country has some benefits and being able to set up some fun targets to shoot at on our own property was one of them. My husband lined up eight aluminum cans and then taught me how to properly handle the air rifle and load it. I admit to being a bit scared of pulling the trigger initially, but the smooth and very quiet operation of the rifle made my first few shots a breeze.

This was far beyond any BB type gun I had ever seen before and even my husband was impressed with the scope on the gun. While definitely nothing that could be used for big game hunting, the gun would be more than adequate to take care of rodents and other invasive vermin that were destroying my vegetable garden.

While an air rifle may not make for the most intimidating of weaponry, my Gamo Silent Cat does help me feel a little more secure in my home when my husband is out-of-town. My husband may have larger, louder and more deadly guns in his collection, they aren’t much good if I am unable or afraid to handle them. For now, I just enjoy shooting at a variety of targets in the yard and we have invested a bit in some more elaborate targets for a little more of a challenge. I have not yet been able to shoot any of the creatures that terrorize my lettuce, but I do find that simply shooting at the ground in their general direction has managed to scare most of them off.